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Names of Vishnu

The symbol "-F" after the Name symbolises the name of a Female and the symbol "-M" symbolises the name of a Male. Some of the names have a Meaning and others dont. If you have the meaning of any name then mail it to me at 
  • Amritaya: The Immortal -M,-F
  • Anandi: Bringer Of Joy -M,-F
  • Anantajeet: The Victor Of Infinity -M
  • Brahmavid: Knower Of Reality -M
  • Chakri: Holder of the Wheel Of cosmos -M
  • Dhanya: Giver Of Wealth -M
  • Eka: The One -M
  • Guruttam: the Greatest Teacher -M
  • Ishana: The Contrller Of All Spirits -M,-F
  • Jyestha: The Eldest -M
  • Anay: A Name of Vishnu from Vishnu Sahasranama.  Husband of Radha -M
  • Mantram: Holy Name -M
  • Naika: The Many -M,-F
  • Rakshan: The Protector -M
  • Sarvagny: The All Knowing -M
  • Sukhda: Teh Bestower Of Happiness -F
  • Sureshwar: Lord Of The Gods -M
  • Venkataramananandan -M
  • Gauranga: Name of Vishnu -M
  • Hariyanka: One who sits on the Lap of Vishnu -M
  • Harihara - Unified being with Vishnu-M
  • Adeep:The Light Of Vishnu-M
  • Pranshu: One who Knows everything. According to a Shloka in the Vishnu Sahasranama -M



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