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Names from O

Names of Boys from O

Ohas: Praise 

Omesa: Lord of OM 

Ompati: Master of OM 

Oni: Protection 

Ouroboros: The Serpent 

Orion: Son of Fire. Great Hunter in Greek Mythology

Owar: An African Name


Octavio: The Eighth One. A Roman Warrior who was know as Augustus Caesar.

Ojas: Bountiful Energy

Names of Girls from O

Ojal: Splendour 

Omshree: Wealth of Divine

Olivine: A Pretty Light Green Stone used in Jewelry 


Oren: Means Ash Tree in Hebrew 

Ola: Pearl

Oriana: Child of Light

Orlagh: An Irish Name meaning "Golden Princess". It is pronounced as 'Or-La'

Origen: Means 'Truth' in Greek

Ojane: Onondago tribe pronounced oh-jah-nee

Oceona:(pronounced oh-see-ah-na). It means Ocean

Oindrila: Another name for the wife of Indra

Ovi: Meaning Poem in Marathi



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