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Names of Lakshmi

The symbol "-F" after the Name symbolises the name of a Female and the symbol "-M" symbolises the name of a Male. Some of the names have a Meaning and others dont. If you have the meaning of any name then mail it to me at  
  • Prakruti: Nature-F
  • Vikruti: Multi-Faceted Nature-F
  • Vasudharini: Bearer Of The Earth-F
  • Anagha: Sinless -F
  • Padmapriya:Lover of Lotus -F
  • Suprasanna: Ever Cheerful and beaming-M,-F
  • Pushti:Possessor Of All Wealth -F
  • Harini: Deer Like -F
  • Siddhi: Ever Ready To Protect -F
  • Navadurga: All nine forms Of Durga-F
  • Deeta: A Name for Goddess Lakshmi  -F
  • Pakshalika: On The Right Path -F
  • Loukya: Worldly Wise -F
  • Vidya: Wisdom -F
  • Shraddha: Devoted -F
  • Vibhuti: Wealth -F
  • Surabhi: Celestial Being -F
  • Vachi: Nectar-Like Speech -F
  • Padma: Lotus -F
  • Shuchi: Embodiment Of Purity -F
  • Swaha: Shape Of Swahadevi  (Auspicious) -F
  • Sudha: Nectar -F
  • Dhanya: Personification Of Gratitude -F
  • Hiranmayi: Golden Appearance -F
  • Lakshmi: Goddess Of Wealth -F
  • Vibha: Radiant -F
  • Aditi: Radiant Like The Sun -F
  • Deetya: Answer Of Prayers -F
  • Vasudha: Earth -F
  • Kantha: Consort Of Vishnu -F
  • Kamakshi: One With Attractive Eyes -F
  • Buddhi: Wisdom -F
  • Amrutha: Nectar -F
  • Deepa: Radiant -F
  • Devi: Goddess -F
  • Padmini: Lotus -F
  • Punyagandha: Having Divine  Perfume -F
  • Yashaswini: Reputed -F
  • Vasundhara: Daughter Of The Earth -F
  • Udaranga: Endowed With A Beautiful Body -F
  • Shubha: Auspicious -F
  • Vasuprada: Bestower Of Wealth -F
  • Prasannakshi: Lively-Eyed -F
  • Jaya: Goddess Of Victory -F



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