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Facts about Names

Want to know some interesting Facts about Rare Names ??

Well, here they Are


5 Most Common Names:-
We here at  conducted a research on Names in 25 schools in and around Bangalore. More than 9000 students were involved in this research. We wanted to find the most Common Names. And here are our findings:-  

The 5 most common names among boys:-  

  • Anand 
  • Anil 
  • Ajay 
  • Pramod 
  • Abhishek
The 5 most common names among girls:-  
  • Lakshmi 
  • Aparna 
  • Parvati 
  • Sindhu 
  • Lata
Television and a Name
The name, Surabhi was a very uncommon name. But thanks to the TV Programme on Doordarshan. It turned out to be one of the Common Names. 

7 Tips to Keep a Name

  1. Avoid keeping names which are unpronouncable 
  2. Let the name have distinct meaning 
  3. When naming Twins. Do not keep Similar Names or Names signifing Twins like Luv and Kush. Keep names which are different so thatthe two twins can have distinct identities. 
  4. Do not keep a name which is a combination of two words meaning a different God and Goddess. Stick to a single identity 
  5. Do not name somebody after great personalities as the person might loose his true identity as he shall be compared with the famous personality. 
  6. If a person from one community or religion keeps a name associated with an other community or a religion then his identity will always keep him unique. 
  7. Avoid names which are kept both by Girls and Boys
A name in The Caribbean Region

The name "Chedi" is an Indian Surname. Many years ago, People with that name moved into the Caribbean Region. But by Time, The name evolved as the people were ruledby Several European Govts. Currently, the name is spelt as Cheddie. 
Other Indo-Carribean Names are Merilia, Roopan, Roopmin, Merahi, Lehallal, or Sanguenou. 
This Fact was mailed in by Richard B. Shiva-Ram Cheddie. His e-mail address is 

Greek Saints

Do you know that there is a Greek Saint named after every day of the year !!

Lists of Hindu Names

You may know that the three most common lists of religious hindu names

1) The Vishnu Sahasranamam
2) The Lalitha Sahasranamam
3) the less well know Shiva Sahasranamam.

Each has 1008 names of the particular deity, of which many are names
commonly given, especially within the Brahmin community, who memorized these
ancient hymns.

Less well known is the fact that each of these long hymns is itself merely
one of several hymns with names. For instance the Lalitha Sahasranamam is
merely one of 10 lists of Goddess names !

Contributed by M.Sitaraman

North Indian vs. South Indian

1. In Tamil, and sometimes other southern languages, names end in '-an' when a person is named
after a god, such as Ramnath, Badrinath, Narayan etc. These become
Ramanathan, Badrinathan, Narayanan etc. the '-an' denotes that the person
named is a mere mortal and not a God. An individual is not to be called
Ramnath, Badrinath etc. because those are the names of the Gods,

2. The Gods themselves are referred to Ramanath-ar, Badrinath-ar etc. the
'-ar' being similar to '-ji' in Hindi, as in Badrinath-ji etc.

3. And when people pray in South India and address God directly, it becomes
Narayan-a, Ramanath-a etc. the '-a' being a direct form of address, as in

4. Under influence of North Indian culture, some of these conventions are
easing, as you do sometimes see younger people with North Indian style
religious names.

For example, Narayanan is shortened to Narayan, Ramanathan to Ramanath, etc.
They are usually not aware that doing so usually offends the person
affected, as the South Indian usually feels that the North Indian in
question is being regionalistic and dismissive of other Indian's names,
preferring the equivalents in their own (Hindi or Punjabi) language

Contributed by M.Sitaraman

Hitler or Heidler
Adolph Hitler's real name was actually sopose to be "Heidler." He lived with 
his uncle and his uncle told him that he could change his name to Heidler 
(his uncle's last name). So Adolph went to change his last name to his 
uncle's last name and they mis spelled it "Hitler." That's how he got his 
name. Also Click Here to see another fact about the Names

Contributed By 



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