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Names of Goddess Durga

The symbol "-F" after the Name symbolises the name of a Female and the symbol "-M" symbolises the name of a Male. Some of the names have a Meaning and others dont. If you have the meaning of any name then mail it to me at 
  • Tribhuvaneshwari: Goddess of The Three Worlds. -F
  • Varada: Granter of Boons -F
  • Pankajadharini: Lotus Holder -F
  • Surashreshtta:Supreme among the Celestials. -F
  • Varada: Bestower -F
  • Pashupriya:Fond of all beings -F
  • Santati: Granter of Issues -F
  • Ratri:Night -F
  • Kshma: Embodiment of Forgiveness -F
  • Sharanya: Granter of Refuge -F
  • Saukhayada: Bestower of Well Beings -F
  • Arogyada: Granter of Good Health -F
  • Ayurda: Bestower of Longevity -F
  • Rackshasamardini: Destroyer of Demons. Goddess Durga. -F
  • Dhinushshini Devi: A Name for Goddess Durga. A name with Tamil roots. -F
  • Adya: Adi-Shakti. Goddess Durga -F
  • Gorja: Goddess Parvathi -F
  • Anvi - F
  • Vamika -F
  • Yatika - F
  • Anamyaee: A Name for Goddess Durga. It means Free from Sorrow -F
  • Sharvina: Destroyer of Enemies in Battle. -F




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