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Adolf Hitler-The Name

Adolf Hitler-The Name

 The following is a News item which appeared in the Indian Express of 29th Sept 1998. 

"Lets face it . If your surname happens to be Hitler and your parenst christen you as Adolf, life is not going to easy. 

But a retired Austrian truck driver quoted in a German Newspaper on Sunday as saying he never changed his name out of Respect for his mother and Father. 

I often thought my life would be lot easier if I had another name, 60 year old Adolf Hitler told Welt Am Sonntag newspaper. 

No one ever believed him that his name was Adolf Hitler.. I get anonymous calls in the middle of the night from people who say 'Heil Hitler' or 'we have someone here for the gas chamber', he said. But I never chaged it because I am proud of my parents. 

Hitler was attending a conference for people with infamous names" in Braunau, an Austrian town just across border from 

He said his name once cost him a construction job at a dam project in Austria. An engineer asked the workers their names. "The first one answered 'Tony Sailer', the same as the famous skier. And when he got to me I said'I am Adolf Hitler' and he threw us all out.' 

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