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The Objective behind :

We have an objective behind collecting Rare and Unique Names. We have a collection of Baby Names from India and around the world. This includes Indian Baby Names, Names from Mythology, Bible, Islam, Biblical Baby Names, Unique and Exotic Baby Names, Baby Names based on Gods and Goddesses and lots more like Articles, Facts, etc. It is very useful for parents looking for Baby Names for their children.

Website made by Gauresh Mehra


 If you are on the lookout of Names in general with a comprehensive research, we advice you to read the following books:- 

  • The perfect name for the Perfect Baby by Jaon and Lydia Wilen
  • The Book of Hindu Names by Maneka Gandhi 
  • Jaico Book of Baby Names by M.V Kamath
  • Vishnushasaranama (1000 names of Vishnu)
  • Baby Names from around the world by Maxine Fields



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